Team - Bangalore Players theatre company

Bengeluru, Sep 14; From a bird's point of view, The Middle Class Gentleman belongs to the present times as much as it did to the French people of the 17th century. Like Charlie Chaplin's films, Moliere's plays have the capacity

and strength to hold the interests of people of any age, creed and strata. The Bourgeois Gentleman, the original French play, still holds relevance to the likes of the current Indian scenario.

The Indian majority, influenced by westernisation, is trying hard the be the modern gentleman by following the corporate rules and regulations; unlearning common sense; learning snobby aristocracy and forgetting everything else that is important just like a fool. This is gently summarised in 'The Middle Class Gentleman' according to our cultural and societal situations. The play gently satirises the pretensions of the social climber whose affectations are absurd to everyone but himself. Here, there is criticism of both the pretentiousness of the middle class in wanting to be aristocratic and the snobbery of the aristocracy in holding to their own status.

Team: Bangalore Players theatre company

Direction: Srinidhi B.S

Place: Jagriti theatre, Whitefield Time: 1st show: 3:30pm; 2nd show: 7:30pm