The poor and the youth have not got any relief

Bangalore, Feb, 2; The poor and the youth have not got any relief. There is no mention of job creation and solution for sufferings of common people from the central budget presented by Union Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, alleged National Youth Congress general secretary MS Raksha Ramaiah.

Commenting on the budget, he said that despite the significant reduction in global crude oil prices, no efforts are being done to transfer the benefits to the common people. Pro-poor decisions like reducing petrol, diesel, cooking gas prices have not been announced. Women are taken for a ride promising them to make millionaires, he said.

He said that our women are already leading a self-reliant life and a role model for the country in the women’s self help groups started under the Congress government. He said that solar panels will be installed on one crore house and free electricity will be provided and the poor will get an income of 15 to 18 thousand rupees every year.

But the Siddaramaiah-led government in the state has already implemented the free electricity guarantee scheme for crores of families. He said that the suffering of the poor has been removed. Ms. Raksha Ramaiah said that throughout the budget speech, colorful words like developed India and developed India made the common people wander in the fantasy world, but actually the common people have no benefit from the budget.

The center is getting a lot of tax from Karnataka, but the state is not getting its proper share. The Central Finance Commission is doing injustice to Karnataka by acting like the Central Government. BJP has never considered Karnataka as a part of our country, yet 25 BJP MPs have been elected by us. The BJP MP alleged that the Union Minister representing the state has completely failed to look after the interests of the state, he added.