Salman Khan spoke about the 'vulgarity' on OTT and backed censorship for the medium. He also said that living in India, we have to follow the norms of the country.

Bollywood’s ‘bhai’ Salman Khan was truly in his element at the Filmfare Awards launch on Wednesday evening. From taking a dig at award shows to saying how the five superstars in Bollywood will continue to give the younger generation a run for their money, the Bollywood star kept the audience entertained. The actor also took the opportunity to bat for censorship on OTT, mentioning how ‘clean content’ always works better. He also added that actors who do not want to do bold scenes are left behind.

He dismissed the idea that OTT is the cooler version of TV. He shared how he has been in the business since 1989, and he never had to do it. “I really think there should be censorship on the medium. All these.. vulgarity, nudity, gaali galauch (swearing) should stop.”