"Complete protein sources, such as animal products, contain all the essential amino acids required for the proper functioning of the body," said Sameena Ansari - Senior Dietitian and Nutritionist, CARE Hospitals, Hi-Tec City, Hyderabad

Protein is the building block of life. Found in every cell of the body, it is responsible for various body functions like building muscle, providing energy, repair, and maintenance among other things. But it is not just for physical heath, did you know that this essential macronutrient is also vital for improved cognitive functions? Sharing this unique link between protein and mental healthDr Uma Naidoo, director of nutritional and lifestyle psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital, wrote on Instagram, “Did you know that protein is linked to improved cognitive performance? Protein is critical for the synthesis of various critical neurotransmitters and neuromodulators”.

Adding, she wrote that from reducing cortisol levels to stabilising blood sugar levels, protein is a key component for optimising cognitive performance.