Nyaaya, an open-access repository of Simple, Actionable, Reliable, and Accessible Legal (SARAL) information

Bengaluru: Nyaaya, a trailblazing legal-tech initiative committed to simplifying legal information and ensuring access to justice to all, is delighted to announce that the Nyaaya Habba successfully took place on March 7th, 2024, at the Shankaraa Foundation, Kanakapura Road.

Nyaaya, an open-access repository of Simple, Actionable, Reliable, and Accessible Legal (SARAL) information, has made significant strides over the past 7 years. With a user reach of over 2 crores, Nyaaya has played a pivotal role in demystifying legal knowledge through 2,500 content pieces in text, video, and audio formats across multiple languages. Our efforts have empowered 640 legal volunteers to champion justice at the grassroots level.

Nyaaya's Impactful Initiatives:

Last year, we initiated the Samvidhaan Fellowship in Karnataka, where we brought on board 7 district lawyers to actively deliver on-ground legal support to underserved communities. In this endeavor, we successfully reached out to 5000+ women and children. Building on the triumph of the pilot program in Karnataka, we are currently in the process of expanding our outreach to Bihar. This year marks the commencement of the second edition of the Fellowship, extending our impact to even more communities in Karnataka.

Our Ask Nyaaya Helpline has also been dynamically responding to over 100 legal questions weekly, solidifying its role as a dependable platform for legal guidance. Join us in commemorating these accomplishments and in eager anticipation of more transformative initiatives on the legal horizon.

Nyaaya Habba Highlights:

In collaboration with the Women and Child Development Department (WCD) and Karnataka State Legal Services Authority (KSLSA), Nyaaya organized the Nyaaya Habba as a day-long celebration designed to amplify Nyaaya's vision of leaving no one behind and celebrating legal changemakers and local champions. The event mixed Karnataka's rich culture, with impactful discussions, empowering workshops, and vibrant activities on law and access to justice. The following events happened through the day:

Capacity Building Workshop for community-level legal champions: This included functionaries of the WCD like Anganwadi workers, Santhwana counsellors, paralegal volunteers, protection officers and members of our partner organisations. This was followed by a caucus to brainstorm solutions to various barriers to justice presided by Poornima Hatti, Advocate and Sahana Jose from Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies.

Samvidhaan Fellowship 2022-23 Felicitation Ceremony: The first cohort of Fellows completed their Fellowship and shared their learnings during the felicitation ceremony presided by Hon. Justice (Retd.) Sri. B. N. Srikrishna, Hon. Member Secretary, Karnataka State Legal Services Authority Sri. Jaishankar, Hon. Deputy Secretary Sri. Raghavendra Shettigar and Hon’ble PRO Sri. Balasubramani. 

Speaking on this occasion, Hon’ble Justice B N SriKrishna opined, “Justice means different things to every individual based on their needs and circumstances but what is important is that everyone needs to be made aware of the law so that they can access justice.” 

Hon. Member Secretary, Karnataka State Legal Services Authority Sri. Jaishankar opined, “I've always worked for providing access to justice for people, but It was always my dream to celebrate Justice which the Nyaaya Organisation is doing through their Nyaaya Habba.”

Nyaayantara - Theatre Presentation: Students from across Karnataka engaged in a theatre presentation, where each team skillfully demonstrated a legal remedy to a problem utilising Nyaaya’s Kannada content. This competition was judged by Alok Prasanna Kumar, Co-founder, Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy, Deepika Kinhal, JALDI and Suneel, Filmmaker.

Namma Nade Nyaayada Kade - Music launch Concert:  An evening of inspirational poetry and music by renowned Kannada musician, MD Pallavi in which Nyaaya launched a specially curated series of music on legal rights and share stories of impact and resilience presided by Mr Ajit Isaac,  Founder & Chairman - Quess Corp Limited

The Nyaaya Habba truly celebrated justice, equality, and empowerment!