The Kolar District Muslims United Front has strongly urged Congress President Sri Mallikarjuna Kharge and Chief Minister Sri Siddaramaiah to consider Nazeer Ahmed, MLC, for the post of cabinet minister. In a statement issued in Bangalore, the Kolar District Muslims United Front President Abdul Khayum has said that Nazeer Ahmed is a man of immense capacity, sincerity, commitment, dedication and devotion to implement the provisions of the four percent reservation for Muslims which is to be formulated by the Congress government in the next coming days

“The Congress party has promised that it will restore 4 per cent reservation to Muslim community which was scrapped by the previous BJP government. Nazeer Ahmed is the right person to see that the benefits of four per cent reservation reach the right persons in the Muslim community. He should be made the cabinet minister and given in-charge of this assignment of implementing the four per cent reservation,” Abdul Khayum added. 

According to Abdul Khayum, Nazeer Ahmed has been MLC for three terms and has been in public life for more than four decades. His knowledge and experience in matters related to the well-being of Muslim community are well-known. 

“Nazeer Ahmed is a man of great credibility and integrity among the Muslim community. His words are accepted by the community people. He should be considered for cabinet minister post,” he explained. 

Abdul Khayum further said that Nazeer Ahmed led a team of Muslim leaders throughout the state and explained the anti-minority attitude of the previous BJP government because of which lakhs of Muslims decided to support the Congress. “Nazeer Ahmed should be suitably recognized for his service to the people and the Congress party,” Khayum added.