For the first time, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah will administer oath to develop scientific temperament to thousands of students

Bengaluru, Feb,26: Science and Technology Minister N. S. Boseraju on Monday said that thousands of students will be administered oath to develop scientific temperament on National Science Day on Wednesday.

"Chief Minister Siddaramaiah will administer oath to thousands of students at an unique event to be held in Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium," Boseraju said, in a press statement.

February 28 is being observed as "Raman Effect" day which is National Science Day.

"The contribution of the country and state to the field of Science is phenomenal. Our government is establishing Science Centres and Planetariums in phases in all the districts," Boseraju added.

He further stated that his government has come up with Science Centres, mobile Planetariums, providing telescopes to students in order to trigger interest among them towards Science.

"Our task is to infuse scientific temperament in students and enable them to think rationally and logically against superstitious beliefs. The aim is to build a progressive society," Boseraju explained.

For the first time, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah will administer "Develop Scientific Temperament" oath to thousands of students.

"Further, a circular will be issued to all Educational institutions to administer Develop Scientific Temperament oath to students in their respective institutions.

The national science day event is organized at Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium on Wednesday at 11 AM. Apart from Siddaramaiah, Deputy Chief Minister D. K. Shivakumar, Chairman of the Legislative Council Basavaraj Horatti, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly U. T. Khader and several ministers will be present.