M B Patil meets with leading semiconductor companies in the United States in order to attract investments into ESDM sector

San Francisco: LAM Research, a global provider of semiconductor equipment and services, has shown interest in setting up a new lab in Karnataka. Honourable Minister for Large and Medium Industries, Government of Karnataka,  M B Patil held a discussion with the company’s management representatives in this regard, here on Thursday. 

Shri M B Patil is currently leading a high-powered delegation to the United States of America to attract investment into the state. Shri Patil is meeting a slew of companies drawn from semiconductor, aerospace & defense auto/EV, space, and Med-tech among others. 

LAM Research has already established a presence in Karnataka since 2000 and its campus in Bengaluru is focusing on hardware engineering, global operations management, and software development support. During the State Level Single Window Committee meeting held in September, the company secured approval to set up Engineering, R&D, Testing and Tool Prototyping for capital goods for the manufacturing of semiconductors and displays. It plans to invest Rs 236 crore in this project.

LAM Research is also planning to contribute to the development of Indian suppliers and establish connections with the existing supplier ecosystem in Karnataka, the company said.

Shri Rangesh Raghavan, Corporate Vice President, Shri Karthik Rammohan, Group Vice President, Shri Pat Lord, Executive Vice President and chief Operating Officer, and Shri Vartan Djihanian, Director of Government Affairs were present during the discussion with the minister.

LeoLabs, a pioneering force in transforming the landscape of satellite operations, intends to set up a Centre of Excellence (CoE) for research in space technology in Karnataka. The company’s management representatives held discussions with Shri Patil on Thursday in this regard.

The company is also exploring opportunities to integrate into the Karnataka’s space ecosystem. With a suite of 10 radar satellite tracking services, LeoLabs empowers automated and independent monitoring for fleets of any size. Their innovative approach is reshaping the way missions are launched, tracked, and managed, offering crucial insights and support for the rapidly evolving space industry.

Shri Dan Ceperley, Founder & CEO of LeoLabs and Shri Rachit Bhatia, Lead, Space Safety Analytics & Research were present during the discussions with the minister. 

Tsecond, a growth-stage portfolio company backed by Boeing and Solar Industries India Limited, has shown interest in setting up an R&D Centre in Bengaluru. Once sufficient scale is reached, the company plans to explore assembling and hardware manufacturing in Karnataka, the company’s officials told Shri Patil.

The company also plans to work with customers in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities in Karnataka.

Hon’ble Minister for IT/BT and Science and Technology, Shri Priyank Kharge, Dr S Selvakumar, Principal Secretary to the Government, Department of Commerce and Industries, Smt Gunjan Krishna, Commissioner of Industries were present during the occasion.

Shri Sahil Chawla, CEO and Co-founder and Shri Ramesh Singh, Co-founder and Chief Strategist of Tsecond represented the company during the discussions with the minister.

Founded in 2020, Tsecond is developing technologies that reimagine how enterprises and organizations activate big data to drive insights and innovation. Tsecond is working to accelerate the value of the global datasphere by addressing the complexities of mass data generation.