A three day conference to begin from tomorrow at Ayodhya

Bangalore, Dec, 22: A three-day international conference on “Quantum Science and Relevance in Vedanta” from December 23 has been organized at Ayodhya by the KR Nagar based Vedanta Bharati Institute of Yadatore Mutt and Sri Shankaracharya Wang Maya Seva Parishad of Uttar Pradesh for three days from tomorrow.

A very rare and important conference on religion and science will be held in collaboration with the Indian Council of Philosophical Research at the conference center of the Royal Heritage Hotel, Ayodhya. Experts from home and abroad will present their ideas.

Kolkata’s Vivekananda University Vice-Chancellor Swami Atmapriyanandanji Maharaj will inaugurate the first concert of the conference on December 23, Stanford University researcher Dr. Dr. Vasudev Shyam, Head of Physics Department, Gaya University, Bihar. Venkatesh Singh, Union Home Affairs Joint Secretary Anant Kishora Sharma and other dignitaries will participate. K.R. Shri Shankarabharati Maha Swamiji, head of Vedanta Bharati Sansthan in the city, will give the blessing.

On the second day of the conference, the head of Advaita Vedanta Department of National Culture University, Tirupati, Dr. Satish Bhatt will shed light on ‘Principles of Realism in Vedanta’. IIT Mumbai Professor Dr. K. Ramasubramaniam will talk about ‘Illusion and Reality’.

Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Ajay Kumar Mishra will participate in the conference on the third day, Dr. Nilesh Oak, Archana Raghuram, a researcher in the Department of Quantum Physics and Vedanta and others will speak on various religious and scientific topics.