Bharatiya Engineering Science and Technology Innovation University (B.E.S.T Innovation University) established under Andhra Pradesh Private Universities Act and envisions to create a world-class social impact conglomerate where learning is accessible and affordable, innovators are groomed and their ideas are incubated. B.E.S.T Innovation University takes immense pride in fostering and promoting Indian culture and heritage through various avenues and is committed to preserving and showcasing the rich diversity of India’s cultural tapestry. B.E.S.T Innovation University regularly organizes events, exhibitions, and cultural festivals that highlight the magnificence and depth of India’s heritage. Through cultural programs, art exhibitions, traditional performances, and workshops, B.E.S.T Innovation University offers a platform for students and communities to engage with and appreciate the vibrant traditions, music, dance forms, artistry, and customs that define India’s cultural heritage. From celebrating major festivals with enthusiasm and authenticity to providing opportunities for students to delve into India’s history, folklore, and artistic expressions, B.E.S.T Innovation University endeavors to instill a deep sense of pride and understanding of Indian culture among its students and the wider community.

About the Programme
INDIA GEORGIA CULTURAL FESTIVAL (IGCF) from 25th January to 28th January 2024 is being organized by the B.E.S.T Innovation University in collaboration with Government of Andhra Pradesh, Government of Karnataka, India Foundation, New Delhi, NGO Cultural Diversity for Peaceful future, Georgia and World Forum for Education.
The Ethos of IGCF
The ethos of India-Georgian Cultural Festival revolve around fostering cultural exchange and understanding between the two nations. Here are some key elements that could define the ethos of the festival:

Cultural Exchange: The festival would serve as a platform for the exchange of cultural elements, including music, dance, art, cuisine, and traditional rituals. This exchange will help deepen mutual understanding and appreciation between the people of India and Georgia.

Celebration of Diversity: Both India and Georgia boast rich cultural diversity, with distinct traditions, languages, and customs. The festival would aim to showcase and celebrate this diversity, highlighting the unique aspects of each culture.

Promotion of Friendship: The festival would promote diplomatic and friendly relations between India and Georgia by creating opportunities for people from both nations to interact, share experiences, and build connections.

Arts and Performances: Various cultural performances, such as traditional dances, music concerts, and theatrical presentations, would be a significant part of the festival. These performances would represent the cultural heritage of both countries.

Educational Initiatives: The India Georgia Cultural Dialogue would provide insights into the history, literature, and contemporary life of India and Georgia. This educational aspect would contribute to a deeper understanding of the cultures involved.
In summary, the ethos of an India-Georgian Cultural Festival would revolve around fostering mutual respect, understanding, and appreciation between the two nations through cultural exchange and celebration.

Detail Of Events that took place 
Venue - Lalit Ashok
Time - 10.00 am to 5.00 pm
Several themes are identified and there would be an in-depth discussion and exchange of ideas.

Republic Day celebration at B.E.S.T. Innovation University, Mandrol Lake campus, Satya Sai District, Andhra Pradesh. The celebration saw participation of 60 Georgian Artists and Indian Artists supported by the Department of Youth advance, Tourism and Culture, Government of Andhra Pradesh that will deliver various performances including Georgian Dance and music, Kuchipudi and local dance forms. This day will also witness visit to heritage sites.

27th January 2024
Participation at the Mysore Cultural Festival by the Georgian delegation and rendering the performances at the cultural festival supported by the District Administration and Department of Tourism, Government of Karnataka.
Take aways -
We hope the Cultural Festival will develop:
Enhanced Cultural Understanding: Through various cultural presentations, performances, and exhibitions, participants and attendees would gain insights into the rich heritage, traditions, and customs of both India and Georgia.
Strengthened Diplomatic and People-to-People Ties: Cultural festivals often contribute to fostering stronger diplomatic relations between nations. The festival could serve as a platform for building positive connections at both the official and grassroots levels, promoting mutual respect and cooperation.
Promotion of Tourism: Highlighting the cultural attractions of both India and Georgia could contribute to increased tourism between the two nations. Attendees may be inspired to explore each other's countries, leading to economic and cultural benefits.
Educational Impact: Cultural dialogue during the festival would have educational value. It would provide opportunities for learning about the historical, artistic, and contemporary aspects of India and Georgia, promoting cross-cultural education.
Cultural Legacy and Exchange of Artistic Ideas: The festival will leave a lasting legacy by encouraging ongoing cultural exchange. Artists, musicians, and performers from both countries could continue to collaborate, sharing artistic ideas and influencing each other's creative expressions.
Media and Public Awareness: The festival's outcomes might extend to increased media coverage, raising public awareness about the diverse cultural offerings of both India and Georgia. This positive exposure could contribute to breaking stereotypes and fostering a more nuanced understanding.

Partners -
Government of Andhra Pradesh: The Department of Youth Advancement, tourism and Culture, Government of Andhra Pradesh
Government of Karnataka: Department of Tourism and District Administration, Mysore
INDIA FOUNDATION:India Foundation is an independent research centre focussed on the issues, challenges and opportunities of the Indian polity. The Foundation believes in understanding contemporary India and its global context through a civilizational lens of a society on the forward move. Based on the principles of independence, objectivity and academic rigour, the Foundation aims at increasing awareness and advocating its views on issues of both national and international importance.
NGO Cultural Diversity:
NGO Cultural Diversity for Peaceful Future is a non-governmental organization situated in Georgia working towards cultural integration. The organization has received widespread recognition for its work in the field of culture and has recently been honored with the prestigious Pravasi Bhartiya Saman Award in 2021 from the President of India.
The organization encourages dialogue, learning, and appreciation of the diversity of both cultures. The NGO Cultural Diversity for Peaceful Future has been recognized for its outstanding work and dedication to cultural diversity.
WFE WORLD FORUM FOR EDUCAITON is a non-profit organization that believes that education is much more than the transmission of knowledge and skills in formal structure. It covers knowledge at all levels, coming from any innovator, creator and resource person which must receive a platform for showcasing and given credit. WFE empowers and recognizes all facet of knowledge which includes the comprehensiveness of the theoretical-practical, the scientific-technical, socio- humanistic and cultural training that had impacted academic community and society at large.

Dr. Ram Madhav, President, India Foundation
Smt. Anju Ranjan IFS, DDG – Indian Council of Cultural Relations, Government of India
Amb. K D Dewal IFS, Joint Secretary (CT), Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.
Sri T Suresh Babu, Former Ambassador
Sri Sudarshan Ramabadran, Visiting Fellow, India Foundation
Smt. Rami Desai, Distinguished Fellow, India Foundation
Shri Bharat Lal Meena ji, IAS (Retd.) Chairman, B.E.S.T. Innovation University
Dr. Rupa Vasudevan, Chancellor, B.E.S.T. Innovation University
Dr. S.S. Biligi, Vice- Chancellor, B.E.S.T. Innovation University

People behind the event/programme
Shri Bharat Lal Meena IAS (Retd.)
Dr. Rupa Vasudevan, Chancellor, BEST Innovation University
Mr. Darpan Parasher – Founder NGO Cultural Diversity for Peaceful Future and Director, International Affairs, Europe – BEST Innovation University
Sirish Subramanya Tamvada, Director of School of Law