He was speaking at the book release program held by Kamala Hampana Sahitya Vedike at Gandhi Bhavan

Bengaluru, Sep,  8: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that social and economic inequality has continued to exist as the country's wealth and production are accumulating in the hands of a few individuals.

He was speaking at the book release program held by Kamala Hampana  Sahitya Vedike at Gandhi Bhavan, where he released  'Beleku Bittidavaru', 'Prakrita Katha Sahitya' and 'The journey of life' books.

Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar has said that if the country's freedom is not formed on social and economic basis, the goal of freedom will not be fulfilled. Thus, if the goal of freedom is to be fulfilled,  an equal society should be built with equal distribution of opportunity and wealth in the society, he said.

An equal society cannot be built without the abolition of caste. Intercaste marriage is the first step towards  caste annihilation. Even our constitution says that our's is a secular society.  The CM praised Hampa Nagarajaiah and Kamala Hampana as ideal couple, who had an intercaste marriage themselves and also married their three children outside the caste.  

Regardless of caste, we must ultimately be human. Love  between human beings is dharma. Hate is adharma . But today dangerous developments are seen where society that worships hatred are built. The Chief Minister requested that all of us who are conscious should stop this.

Writer Baraguru Ramachandrappa spoke about the literary works in the program which was presided over by Hampa Nagarajaiah. Writer  G.N Mohan and Kamala Hampana were present.