Wonders of the World in Ice

Bengaluru, Mar, 19; For the first time in India, a mammoth replica of the Sri Ram Mandir in Ayodhya has been created with Ice Blocks and is being showcased at SnowCity in Fun World premises from March 20 to June 15. Made from 5,000 tons of Crystal Clear Ice Blocks, the replica of the Sri Ram Mandir stands tall. During the 90-day presentation, the Ayodhya temple will be preserved at temperatures ranging from minus 5 to minus 15 degrees, to ensure that the blistering summer doesn’t melt the gigantic sculpture. 

Besides this attraction, Snow City and imagine Ice Monty Chaudhary have created ice replicas of all the seven wonders of the world – Taj Mahal; Leaning Tower of Pisa – Italy, Giza Pyramids – Egypt, Eiffel Tower – France, Statue of Liberty – USA. At night, these replicas will light up, adding  to the ice wonders and wowing Bengalurians. The ice wonders are spread over 30,000 sq.ft, making it a magnificent sight to behold.

These replicas have been the work of 20 talented artists who have created the ice marvels in 90 days. Monty Chaudhary is one of the artists whose ice sculptures are a sight to behold. The month-long exhibition will also feature a National Ice and Snow sculpting event.  Mr. Shrenik Doshi, Director – Snow City said in a press release.