"You must know the law of residential complexes" held at the city's St. Joseph Law College

Bangalore;  A separate department needs to be opened for people living in apartments to handle their movements in a proper manner.  Lokayukta Justice N Santhosh Hegde said that it is  appropriate to make a separate law for apartment dwellers. 

Inaugurating a seminar on "You must know the law of residential complexes" held at the city's St. Joseph Law College, he said that the responsibility of redressing the demands and grievances of the apartment owners should be removed.  Lokayukta retired Justice N. Santosh Hegde said that he has no other property except a small apartment.  The welfare of the occupants of the housing complex is paramount.  Human beings are social beings.  We need to learn to understand and live with everyone.  It is appropriate to submit a request to the government to formulate a law in this regard.  He said.

Retired Justice K.  Ramachandran said that recently, a large number of people are living in housing complexes in urban and semi-urban areas, especially women should be aware of the laws of housing complexes.

 Women are living in large numbers in residential complexes, so one should know about the laws dedicated to this.  He said that this would protect the family as well as make their environment bearable.

 Basically everyone should know about property rights.  He has worked as a member of the Rules Committee in the Kerala High Court for two decades, and the rules in Karnataka are the same in Kerala.  He said that the constitution has given everyone the right to live with dignity and we should know the laws of the areas where we live.

State Bar Association President Vivek Subbareddy said that it is very necessary for the sector to be organized for the protection of the residents of the housing complex.  The organization should be non-political.  RERA laws are related to property purchase and housing complexes have to operate under its own rules.  Once the housing complexes are constructed, they should hand over the apartment responsibility to the RERA housing complexes organizations.  There is no right to own property in China.  But Indian laws are very diverse and strong.  They also provide security to property owners, he said.

 Beena Pillai, a senior lawyer at Next Legal Services, said that there needs to be clarity about the laws of residential complexes.  The right to property is very broad and it is a constitutional right.  That said, apartment laws contain a separate dimension of its own.

 MRPL Legal Department Head Al Rafiq Moiddeen said that he served as the apartment association secretary in 1999 and even after several years there was no clarity about the apartment laws.