A Legacy of Kindness

Bengaluru, December 22; An unfortunate accident at a construction site in Bangalore resulted in the tragic incident for 18-year-old Tharun Balachandra from Puradamata, Dakshina Kannada district. Tharun, who worked as an assistant at a local restaurant and helped out at the construction site, sustained a severe head injury from a slip and fall.

Tharun was rushed to a local nursing home and then brought to Gleneagles Hospital, Kengeri, Bengaluru. Tharun's parents, Balachandra and Latha, faced a heartbreaking situation as the medical team at Gleneagles Hospital conducted a surgery to save him. Unfortunately, Tharun was brought in with irreversible brain death, and the medical efforts were unsuccessful.

In a display of remarkable generosity, Tharun's grieving parents, Balachandra and Latha, came forward to donate his organs, which included 2 kidneys, 1 liver, 2 eyes, and a heart. The kidneys were transplanted to a 39-year-old male and a 33-year-old male, the liver to a 35-year-old male, and the heart to a 49-year-old male.

"Tharun was our source of strength. His sudden departure has left an irreplaceable void in our lives. We opted for organ donation to ensure that a part of him continues to live on and offer hope to others," shared Mr. Balachandra, Tharun's father.

Tharun's father, a farmer, and his mother, a home maker, expressed their deep sorrow over the loss of their eldest son, leaving behind a younger sister.

"Our thoughts are with the Balachandra family during this difficult time. Tharun's tragic incident highlights life's fragility. The family's courageous decision to donate his organs is an act of profound compassion, embodying the enduring spirit of humanity even amid tragedy. We stand with them in solidarity," stated Ms Sarala Anantharaj, Chief Grief Counselor and Senior Transplant Co-ordinator.

Tharun, who had been seeking employment in Bangalore, worked as an attender at a restaurant and was involved in the construction work. The accident occurred when he fell from the second floor of the under-construction staircase that lacked a railing.

Tharun Balachandra's legacy lives on through the lives he has touched with his final act of kindness.

The Balachandra family's choice to donate organs highlights the critical need for organ donation in our community. Ms Sarala emphasized, "It's crucial to acknowledge the immense demand for organ transplants. The Balachandra family's selfless act serves as a poignant example, illustrating how one family's decision can make a significant impact on the lives of those in need."