REDECON 2022 – ZERO CARBON BUILDINGS – The only way forward

ZERO CARBON BUILDINGS – The only way forward

 Association of Consulting Civil Engineers (India), today launched its seventh series of REDECON 2022 – SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT – THE FUTURE at the Convention Hall, NIMHANS Campus, Hosur Road, Bangalore. The two day National seminar and exhibition happening on 17th and 18th November– 2022 was inaugurated by Ms. Mili Majumdar MD, Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) and Senior Vice President, USCBC.

 Speaking on the occasion Ms. Mili Majumdar expressed her concern over rising pollution in the construction industry. “India is the third highest Greenhouse gas (GHG) emitter in the world as of 2020 global analysis. The GHG emissions from the building sector both direct and indirect, reached 21% of global GHG emissions last year, this is a matter of huge concern. The engineers need to stop designing and building inefficient buildings to reduce fossil fuel and focus more on ‘Zero Carbon Buildings’. Entire infrastructure industry should work towards reducing carbon footprint by deploying renewable technology and creating ‘Green Inland’ in the urban areas where the temperature can be lowered by 5 degrees. The building sector can mitigate up to 61% of emissions if they follow three important factors namely Sufficiency, Efficiency and Renewable, Sufficiency in using less carbon emitting materials, efficiently using them and in turn reusing them to lower the impact on the environment”            

 Er Shrikant S Channel, Chairman – ACCE(I) Bengaluru, spoke on the occasion and felt “Sustainable is unavoidable & worldwide we are discussing it.  Construction is one of the highest contributors to climate change. To achieve sustainable goals, right professionals should be engaged in construction at grassroots levels. To engage right professionals, the Civil Engineering profession should be regulated by enacting “Karnataka Professional Civil Engineers Act” in line with Gujarat State. Unprofessionalism in government  departments should be stopped immediately”.

Speaking on the occasion Dr. Ajit Sabnis – Past President, ACCE (I), said “Today 195 countries have agreed that pollution is the major threat for the growing global population. The air quality has drastically reduced and the climate change is already there for us to experience. After 35 years of discussion and observation the air quality Index is now being revised and climate impact disclosure has been drafted. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals that are adopted by 195 member economies under the United Nations act as pointers to Sustainable Development. The young entrepreneurs have understood and implemented sustainable technology in their core business and have created network platforms for younger generation for effective implementation”

REDECON 2022 (Recent Development in Design and Construction Technologies) will have 14 eminent personalities deliberating on main themes related to Sustainable Development on all two days. This Seminar will address trending issues and disseminate necessary technical know-how to reduce the Carbon Footprint, achieve net-zero water and energy, Improve Air quality, reduce pollution, save natural resources including water, evolve strategies to mitigate Global Warming, Codal provisions, Climate Predictability Etc. All the technical sessions during the seminar will be dealt with case studies by experts. This seminar will also be an eye-opener for young engineers to analyze ‘Sustainability’ as a business model.

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