Bangalore: Sulphur Mills Limited (SML) has launched its new-patented IMARA, which is a protective shield against Stem Borer which is known to damage the paddy crop and reduce paddy yield by 20 to 70%.
Addressing the press Shri Bimal Shah (Managing Director – SML) said “IMARA has the unique distinction of being the world’s first combination of insecticide and crop nutrients in a Water Dispersible Granule (WDG) formulation. IMARA ensures savings in LABOUR as its single application gives the crop dual benefit. First is protection from insect as well as balanced crop nutrition which improves plant health and enhances immunity.
Developed at the state of the art Research and Development centre of Sulphur Mills Limited, IMARA delivers a combination (Insecticide + Zinc Oxide + Sulphur) in a single application based on WDG formulation. It is recommended to apply it after 15 to 20 days of transplanting which is the most critical period of paddy crop by mixing 4 kg / per acre in soil or fertiliser.
Zinc (Zn) micronutrient deficiency plagues the paddy crop across Karnataka. IMARA overcomes the shortcomings of lower zinc uptake in areas where excessive UREA or DAP has been applied. IMARA also provides accelerated increase in soil fertility ensuring better yield and improved crop quality.
SULPHUR MILLS LIMITED has currently achieved over 10 International patents for IMARA including USA, Australia, Taiwan and China. The company holds a record 800 product registrations worldwide and is a leader in many product categories in India and exports its product to over 80 countries.
Mumbai Head Quartered SULPHUR MILLS LIMITED (SML) is a technology leader in manufacturing and sale of advanced Crop Protection and Speciality Fertilisers products. SULPHUR MILLS LIMITED is the largest producer of Sulphur for agriculture application and boast of world’s largest (Water Dispersible Granules / WDG) manufacturing capacities.  The company’s products have been well received in USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Asia & Middle East.

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