Implementation of National Dairy Plan

Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Government of India implemented National Dairy Plan Phase I (NDP-I), a Central Sector Scheme (CSS) with an outlay of Rs. 2242 Crore during March 2012 to Nov 2019 across 18 major dairying states. The twin objectives of NDP-I was to enhancing productivity of milch animals and providing market access to milk producers. The implementation of NDP-I was ended with the financial closure in March 2020.

The implementation of NDP-I have established the fact that a scientifically planned integrated approach towards dairy development can indeed be successful in a large and diverse country like India. NDP-I was able to make available more than 2,456 High Genetic Merit Bulls to A & B graded semen stations across the country which propelled the production of quality disease-free semen. The project also contributed towards lowering the cost of feeding per kg of milk resulting in increase of net daily income of milk producers by Rs 25.52. Market access was provided to more than 16.8 lakh additionally enrolled milk producers of which 7.65 lakh are women members. The project covered around 59 lakh beneficiaries across 97,000 villages. Cooperative development initiatives under the NDP-I provided additional, reliable income for tribal dairy farmers and improved their overall socio- economic conditions – especially the marginalized and most vulnerable. More transparent procurement and payment under VBMPS led to better prices.

This Department is implementing Rashtriya Gokul Mission (RGM) schemes to increase productivity of milch animals and the following schemes are implemented to provide rural milk producers with great access to organised milk-processing sector:

National Programme for Dairy Development (NPDD)
Dairy processing and Infrastructure Development Fund (DIDF)
Supporting Dairy Cooperatives and Farmer Producer Organizations engaged in dairy activities (SDCFPO):
Animal Husbandry Infrastructure Development Fund (AHIDF).

This information was given by The Minister of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry & Dairying Shri. Parshottam Rupala in the Lok Sabha in a written reply today.