Elanpro Extends Its Support in Combating COVID-19 By Offering 2050 Oxygen Concentrators

In response to the massive surge of COVID-19 cases, Gurugram-based Elanpro (Elan Professional Appliances Pvt. Ltd.), India’s one of the leading commercial refrigeration company hailed its efforts by providing 2050 Oxygen Concentrators at zero-profit. Available with different capacity, Elanpro has airlifted 2050 oxygen concentrators to distribute it across India in order to support people during these difficult times. Offering at a zero-profit price, the company is contributing for the betterment of society.

With the increase in number of COVID-19 cases in this second wave, it is even more imperative to ensure that apart from metropolitan cities, every district or rural area should be provided with the necessary equipment. The demand for Oxygen Concentrators, and Oxygen Cylinders have tremendously increased. Considering these factors, Elanpro has been reaching out to several NGOs and hospitals to lend a helping hand to the district and rural areas. Deepening its engagement with the government, Elanpro has also reached out to Gurugram District Commissioner’s office to contribute 100 units of Oxygen concentrators in COVID Centre at Gurugram. This initiative drives an indirect contribution to society and providing support to the people during this dire situation.

Mr. Shashank Joshi, Director at Elanpro said, “We at Elanpro have taken an initiative to win this fight against COVID- 19 by helping our fellow beings and stand together because EVERY LIFE MATTERS. In this difficult time, when people are suffering from personal loss or going through a financial crisis, we are trying to provide a ray of hope to the citizens and helping them. The company plans to distribute 2050 pieces of Oxygen concentrator at a subsidized rate. This initiative is a step forward and support the ones in need. We also acknowledge our special thanks to our channel partners who came forward to help with the distribution and made it possible in spite of the cancellation of most flights.”

The first slot of oxygen concentrators landed on 30th April 2021 and in a weeks’ time, the company is expected to receive the remaining lots.

Along with this initiative, Elanpro is also working with organizations that are arranging vaccination drives for the public. The company is looking ahead to share 1500 to 2000 pieces of Vaccine Refrigerator at a subsidized rate. Being into commercial refrigeration, they have recently launched IoT-Enabled Portable COVID Vaccine Freezers with a temperature range from 2 Deg Celsius to -20 Deg Celsius and – 86 Deg Celsius. The portable products are equipped with advanced features to maintain the efficiency and efficacy of the vaccine.

About Elanpro

Founded by Sanjay Jain, Ranjan Jain, and Shashank Joshi, Gurugram-based Elanpro (Elan Professional Appliances Pvt. Ltd.), India’s one of the leading commercial refrigeration company was established in the year 2009. The company focuses on commercial refrigeration, including provision of food service solutions for pubs, bars, café, fast food chains, resorts, fine-dining restaurants, softy & beverages, food retail, and the healthcare sectors. Consistent with their service quality, it brings a rich experience and reaches a network of almost 310 Sales and 250 Service channel partners. The organization has created a well-structured network of over 560 channel partners for sales and services. Elanpro’s CSR initiatives like Magic Wheel and Happy Fridge are a constant effort to give it back to the society. Recently, Elanpro has been listed among 2020’s top 150 Growth Champions by The Economic Times and SMB Story’s Top Made In India to watch out in 2021.

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