MEGA DIMENSIONS- BANGALORE Art Exhibition at Venkatappa Art Gallery

MEGA DIMENSIONS- BANGALORE Art Exhibition  at Venkatappa Art Gallery
M. Eshwariah Art Gallery is proud to host its MEGA DIMENSIONS- BANGALORE Art Exhibition  at Venkatappa Art Gallery, Bengaluru from 7th March to 14th March 2021. Between 11:00 am to 7 PM.
The show was curated by M. Sanjay Kumar, Director of M. Eshwariah Art Gallery, Hyderabad.  Around 36 artists from Assam, Delhi, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharastra, Nagaland, Odisha, Rajasthan, Telangana and West Bengal are participating in this art exhibition.
The show will be inaugurated by Chief Guest Sr. Artist Subramanian Gopalsamy of Bangalore. As a Guest of Honour Lion Ramanathan Narayanan mjf will grace the Show.
Earlier, the Curator, Director of M. Eshwariah Art Gallery, M. Sanjay Kumar has organized Six Dimensions Art Shows in Six Seasons and completed its Chapter One. In each season, artists from Hyderabad and other cities showcased their works.
Now at Bengaluru, the 36 artists who have participated in Six Seasons of SIX DIMENSIONS will exhibit their works at a show titled “MEGA DIMENSIONS-Bangalore” at Venkatappa Art Gallery, Bengaluru from March 7 to 14.
The list of participants include Balabhakta Raju, Maredu Ramu, Vimala Maroju, Ramesh Sunkoju, Bushaiah, Sujata Venkat, Vinay Kumar, Dolzy, Amarnath, Balachary, Premnath, Sreedevi, Ayesha, Ramprathap, Varam, U. Vijay Kumar, Archana Gaali, Satya Gannoju, Sharief SB, Usha Nagasri Annamaraju, Jayaraju, Mohan Raju, Sukanthi, Prasuna Murali are from Hyderabad, Telangana State. Abraham Megnath of Karnataka, Rosy Mallaparaju of Delhi, Shaily Lal of Madhya Pradesh, Somnath Patra of West Bengal, Devanshi Damani and Rachana Karia of Gujarat, Namratah Bothra of Rajastan, Sansita Gogai of Assam, Seema Ghiya of Maharastra, Bharati Kar of Odisha, Kim Curfina of Nagaland, Jagadeesh of Kerala are participating in “MEGA DIMENSIONS-Bangalore” art show. In a whole, the art lovers get to see the varied blends of visual treat.
Highlights of the Art Show
The art lovers get to see  the Veda Purushas of Jayaraju, Evening Gossips of Sukanthi, Fariyad serief in grey hues of Prasuna Murali, Urban Sketches of Maredu Ramu, Mythology series in Charcoal sketches by Balbhakta raju, Vibrant blue and mauve by Satya Gannoju, absratct figurative by Bushaiah, delicate details of farmer couple of Sridevi, The reflections of Charminar street by Sharief SB, Hasta mudras and pada bed has of Indian Dance form by Ayesha Jilkar, Buddha series by Ramprathap, Abstarct forms by U Vijay Kumar, yesterday , today, tomorrow series in Primary colours by Meghnath Abrham Belly, State of mind series in abstract form by Shaily Lal, Evening Gossips figurative by Sukanthi, Water colour rendering by Somnath Patra and Seema Ghiya, Rajastan Folk Forms by Namrata Bothra, Mysterious Abstract forms by Sansita Gogai, Swaragini series by Bharati Kar, Abstract lLandscapres by Jagadeesh, abstrarct from  in pouring style by Sujata Venkat and Dolzy, Ramesh Sunkoju, abstract creatives by Amarnadh Nalapatti,  Nature series in Charcoal, Acrylic by Archana Gaali,. Still Life of Nagasri Annamaraju, Red and orange figurative by Mohan raju, stapathi style figuratives by Varam, The Queen of Nagaland will definitely steal your eye.
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